Standing Committee Speaks Out Against Health Canada

On May 16, 2005, at the Standing Committee of Health, the Honorable Colin Carrie said to Mr. Stephan and Mr. Hardy from Truehope:

"I think everybody who's heard your story sees how the status quo right now is just an absurd enforcement of these regulations...

I think, if you talk to the members here, we'd all be totally offended - we are offended - that you went through what you did here. We'd like to see that not happen to anybody else."

*House of Commons

The Honorable Rob Merrifield (Past Chair of the Committee) said:

"Actually, you don't have to convince me at all of your product, and it's not that I've used it, but I've certainly talked to enough individuals who have testified to me the value of your product. We fought hard over the last number of years as you've gone through your difficulty to try to add some sanity into Health Canada in the way they've applied that law..."