Health Canada's Public Record

“This is not the first time we have observed Health Canada’s advisory and regulatory actions lagging behind [U.S.], but this is the last time that we will merely observe”.
Canadian Medical Association April 30 - 2001

Health Canada Endangering Patients, Journal Warns. Journal criticizes Health Canada's "built in bias" towards approving drugs.
National Post - Jan 5 -2005

Health Canada slammed over drug safety Thousands die, MPs are told. Report decries lack of scrutiny. Health Canada is failing to effectively protect Canadians who take prescription drugs, a parliamentary report says.
Toronto Star April - 2004

Prescription drugs likely kill more than 10,000 Canadians a year...The report, endorsed by all political parties, puts Health Canada and the pharmaceutical industry squarely in the crosshairs.
Winnipeg Free Press - April 11- 2004

"Unless the Canadian Public can be assured that Health Canada is adequately monitoring the safety of marketed drugs, then confidence .... will suffer - and so will the health of Canadians."
CMAJ - Mar 15 - 2005

Drug Risks Hidden from Public - The Canadian Medical Assoc. says Health Canada is complicit in “too often keeping quiet about buried evidence that questions drug safety and effectiveness.”
Edmonton Journal - Feb 17- 2004

Health Canada is too cozy with the industry. We don't let Air Canada investigate its own crashes, and we can't let Health Canada investigate its own drug crashes.
Terence Young - Drug Safety Canada

(as quoted in Globe and Mail Feb 16-2005)

Health Canada has demonstrated its structural inability to do ongoing safety monitoring of new drugs and devices.
CMAJ - Jan 4 - 2005

Health Canada Cloaked in Secrecy - According to the Canadian Assoc. of Journalists over a period of five years Health Canada denied any meaningful access to a database of prescription drugs that could harm or even kill Canadians. "This award honors their efforts to shroud open government." Canadian Assoc. Journalists May 9 - 2005