Parliament Speaks Out Against Health Canada

M.P. James Lunney Speaks Out in Parliament

Thousands of Canadians Benefiting From Truehope Supplements are Deprived of their Constitutional Rights

Following Health Canada's & Health Canada's actions in taking away EMPowerplus a vitamin -mineral supplement from Canadian families, Ron LaJeunesse, executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association's Alberta division, in making a public statement, says he knows many people who have been essentially cured of mental illness after taking Empowerplus. "It's going to result in dozens of suicides. I know of two already," he said."If there's no opportunity for people to take it, at best we're going to see some mental patients going back to hospital. At worst, they'll die."
Ron LaJeunesse, as quoted in Calgary Herald July 17 -2003

Are Health Canada agents responsible for the suicide death of two Alberta youth?