The Offending Health Canada Bureaucrats


In 2003 Health Canada officers within the Executive, Inspectorate, TPD and other areas, created an illegal embargo against a product being used by Canadians suffering with serious mental disorders. EMPowerplus, a natural health product developed in Canada and produced in the US, was being imported legally by Canadians seeking relief from mental illness. As determined in the courts, EMPowerplus was found to be necessary for the life and wellbeing of participants in the Truehope program. Citizens who begged for relief were denied their Charter rights by officious bureaucrats who seized and destroyed EMPowerplus shipments belonging to Truehope participants. The seizures were made under s23(1)d of the Food and Drugs Act. Seizures made under that section had previously been declared un-constitutional and were illegal, thereby making Health Canada’s seizures of EMPowerplus illegal. Pleadings for compassion from these unfortunate citizens were met with Health Canada’s insistence that those who had found mental wellness with EMPowerplus return to risky and ineffective medications that had never worked for them. As a result of these actions by these agents, Canadian citizens were injured, hospitalized, and some sadly committed suicide.

Health Canada charged Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. with selling a drug without a drug number. Officials pursued Truehope, at great expense to taxpayers, for an offense with a $500 fine. In 2006 the case was heard before the Honorable Judge Gerald M. Meagher. Five of the six charges were stayed with the last being acquitted.

The following bureaucrats have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the health and safety of Canadians. They were involved in an illegal seizure of products designed to support the mentally ill (vitamins and minerals). They created a crisis in the lives of thousands of Canadian men, women and children.

Danielle Dion - Ottawa, ON
Sandra Jarvis - Edmonton, AB
Joan Korol - Ottawa, ON
Miles Brosseau - Calgary, AB
Dennis Shelley - Burnaby, BC
Rod Neske - Delta, BC
Bobbie Chiu - Ottawa, ON
Lisa Stewart - Winnipeg, MN